Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our Communication in the 21st century

We live in an era of pure and unadulterated technology. Morse codes, telegraphs, and snail mails have no place anymore in the 21st Century. They are considered as outdated historical artifacts. Computers and phones have changed the phase of communication for the last decades. They made things easier and faster. Because we are connected, the world became smaller. The advent of rising technology had proved that we are capable of creating and reinventing ways to make life right as rain.


What is amazing about phones today is its capability of doing what computers can do. Web surfing, mail and social platforms can all be done with the popular handy device. Our phones are equipped with a mixture of technology found in different machines.


Mobile phones and laptops in fact are now considered a necessity. I consider myself so attached with technology; the thought of spending a day without my phone is hideous. Remove me from the common glow of my computer and I would sure be grumpy and in dire need of understanding for the next 24 hours.


Complete reliance to phones is one qualifying marks of millennials. A lot of people from the older era might be alarmed by the current way of life youngsters are now taking. But this is a worldwide trend that cannot be simply taken for granted.


A mirage of phone brands has been popping up everywhere, and even as we speak, more models are coming. I am not the type who is really fond of choosing, but I take into consideration the specifications and technology.


The use of phones had been rampant and evident. For example, office workers use phones to check their emails. Students use phones to research about a sudden pop quiz on biology. Travelers create blogs via phones and share the world where they’ve been. Even mothers turn to phones to check the latest on health care and products.


It is no wonder that I found Fenugreek Testosterone Pill while I was checking some blogs on my phone. Because of a friend’s recommendation, I now take it daily and it really helped me a lot. I was a Type 2 Diabetic, and since my diet had been strict to prevent my disease from growing worse, the testosterones pill saved me a great deal of time from worrying.


I was able to utilize my devices to look for a product that is now helpful to me everyday.



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