Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mellennium Generation Today

The millennium generation brought big change to the world of technology. The use of cellphones has become a big part of people lives and it has carried a lot of positive effects especially in terms of communication. Nowadays, many people would rely to their mobile phone as medium to help them get information and facts through internet access.

The telecommunication industry had double their sales growth for the past 10 years and mobile phone are considered to be one of the most fast moving products in the business industry. With the many brands that are coming out from the market you may ask yourself: Which is better? Affordable? And worth it? Brace yourself because in this blog, I am going to talk about the best mobile brands in the market.

Each phone is uniquely designed to address the needs of the people. It has been made to improve the level of communication worldwide. When you look for the best phone, it should match your lifestyle, hobbies and trends in life. So it is important to assess yourself first before heading on to purchase on your dream phone.

Choosing your brand somehow describe what type of person you are. When you’re a type of person who wants to get things upfront and easily get confused. You might try the most user friendly brand which is Nokia. It offers good quality, affordability and easy to use applications. While if you are a type of person who is trendy, fashionable and tech savvy, you might want to go with Sony Ericson, Samsung and LG.

These brands offers advance technology services and comes with a modern appearance. For those who are working in the business side like sales, financial and trade; the best brand for you is Imate, O2 and Blackberry since they have a special feature that can captivate the different world of business. And lastly, for those people who are in a very tight budget like me, go for the most affordable and easy to find phones called China Mobile Phones. It has a very competitive features but with a very affordable price.
I am well satisfied with my China phone since I am just using it for phone calls and text messaging. I am not a kind of person who spend much on luxurious things. I am contented living a simple life with my pets. My wife collects dresses…. she has a crazy passion for all types of dresses. Anywhere from prom to wedding to cocktail dresses. We have a spare room dedicated to just them…

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